LBI-14  /  2015 Attendees




·         Russ Edmunds ( WB2BJH ) – Blue Bell, PA – 2 Modified Sony ICF 2010’s


·         Brett Saylor ( W3SWL) – State College, PA – Perseus SDR, ELAD SDR


·         Kris Field – Horsham, PA – Drake R8


·         Michael Hunter ( W2MHZ) – Neshanic Station, NJ  - Perseus SDR


·         Ralph Brandi – Middletown, NJ – Perseus SDR


·         Bob Galerstein (WB2VGD) – Monroe, NY (Friday night only ) -Drake R8


·         Dave Hochfelder ( N2HTA ) – Albany, NY – Perseus SDR


·         Chuck Rippel ( WA4HHG ), Chesapeake, VA – Perseus SDR


·         Rob Stonier ( WE2Z ), Hawthorne, NJ – Drake R8


·         Jim Chenard, Blairstown, NJ  -  Drake R8


·         Nick Langan ( W2NJL ), Tabernacle, NJ ( Saturday night only )






·         16x32’  pre-amplified flag

·         6’ pre-amplified Broadband Loop

·         Wellbrook ALA-1530




 The 14th annual Long Beach Island DXpedition was held November  13-16, 2015 at our long-time base, the Drifting Sands motel in Ship Bottom, NJN. Some of the participants arrived Thursday, others Friday and one or two were able to attend only for one evening. Upon arrival, we discovered that since the 2014 event, a major beach replenishment project had been undertake, resulting in a total re-configuration of beach access and protection, including a large new dune at the back of the beach.

This coupled with another re-design of the fence protecting the dune made it immediately evident that there would be no use of BOG’s this year or going forward. We were able to deploy the 16x36’ flag, the 6’ broadband loop and two Wellbrook loops.

Conditions however were at best mediocre with a few TA’s evident Thursday evening, but mostly nothing after that, and also there was no significant enhancement to the South either. Thus much of the group’s effort was directed toward domestics this time. This was a distinct disappointment knowing that a number of previous regular TA transmitters on both LW and MW would be closed down before our 15th gathering.

As is often the case when conditions work against us, there was plenty of time for DX chat, checking out the various SDR’s, and repairing or retuning some of the Drake R8 series receivers.

The new configuration on the beach includes a landing atop the dune along the main access area to the beach. In addition to providing an excellent vantage point for one of our antennas, this also will permit us to relocate our operations to the end of the building closest to that accessway which in turn will permit us some added area for loops, and also a better radius for them, as we will now be able to aim inland without directing the antenna pattern through the building.