LBI‐15  /  2016 Attendees :

·         Russ Edmunds (WB2BJH) – Blue Bell, PA – 2 Modified Sony ICF 2010’s  

·         Brett Saylor (W3SWL) – State College, PA – Perseus SDR, ELAD FDM‐S2 SDR  

·         Kris Field – Horsham, PA – NRD‐545; ELAD FDM –S2 SDR

·         Michael Hunter (W2MHZ) – Neshanic Station, NJ – Perseus SDR

·         Ralph Brandi – Middletown, NJ – Perseus SDR

·         Bob Galerstein (WB2VGD) – Monroe, NY ‐Drake R8B 16

·         Dave Hochfelder (N2HTA) – Albany, NY – Perseus SDR

·         Bill Nollman – Farmington, CT – ELAD FDM‐S2 SDR

·         Bill Whitacre – Alexandria, VA – Perseus SDR

·         Doug Maset (N2LEA) – Newburgh, NY – ELAD FDM S1 SDR

·         Nick Langan (W2NJL), Tabernacle, NJ (Saturday night only)

·         Steve Walko (K3PHL), (Saturday night only)

·         Michael Temme‐Soifer, Princeton, NJ (Saturday night only)



·         16x32’ pre‐amplified flag  

·         6’ pre‐amplified Broadband Loop  

·         Wellbrook ALA‐1530 (2)


The 15th annual Long Beach Island DXpedition took place in Ship Bottom, NJ November 3‐5, 2016.  Conditions were moderately auroral, although a few TA’s did sneak through.  The result was many new loggings from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Nicaragua as well as numerous new domestics.  These conditions also enabled us to add Ecuador to our list of countries heard. We also welcomed a new member of the crew, Doug Maset of Newburgh, NY.  For this year, owing to the prior year’s experiences with the final reconfiguration of the beach in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, we moved our headquarters from the middle of the building on the beach to the South end.  This provided us with corner rooms which in turn had less electrical noise and easier access to the areas where we could place our antennas.  As a result of greater use of SDR’s, we had a larger number of loggings than we have had in any prior year, but that comes with the side effect of taking longer to compile a group log.   As always, regardless of the conditions, the act of getting together to DX and talk about DX remains the highlight of the weekend.