The 2018 Long Beach Island ( LBI ) DXpedition was held from October 16 21 2018 in Beach Haven West, NJ. DXing conditions were very good, as they should be as we near the solar minimum. This year featured ten countries heard for the first time: Lithuania, Nigeria, Qatar, Hungary, Svalbard, Estonia, St. Pierre, Macedonia, Slovakia and Turkey. With all participants utilizing SDRs, preparing the final logging list will still not really be complete when published. As the result of extensive SDR file review during the past 2 months, the number of logs included is roughly double that contained in our preliminary report of November 2018.

Trans-Atlantic propagation conditions were at their best on Tuesday night 10/16 and Saturday night 10/20, particularly around our local sunset.

Antennas were:

1) 16x36 flag aimed at 40 degrees

2) another 16x36 flag aimed at 180 degrees

3) 50x22 Delta aimed at 270 degrees

4) rotatable Wellbrook 1530 loop

Participants were:

        Brett Saylor (W3SWL)

        Russ Edmunds (WB2BJH)

        Mike Hunter (W2MHZ)

        Kris Field

        Ralph Brandi

        Chuck Rippel (W8HU)

        Dave Hochfelder (N2HTA)

        Steve Walko (K3PHL)( Sat only)

        Nick Langan (W2NJL) ( Sat only )