The 2018 Long Beach Island ( LBI )  DXpedition was held from October 16 – 21 2018 in Beach Haven West, NJ. This year featured several new countries heard most notably Lithuania, Nigeria, and Turkey. With all participants utilizing SDR’s, the logging list will be a work in progress, however in the interests of getting information out more quickly, the accompanying list should be considered as preliminary and our plan is to present a more complete listing in early 2019.

Antennas were 1) a 16’x36’ flag aimed at 40 degrees, 2) another 16’x36’ flag aimed at 180 degrees, 3) a  50’x22’ Delta aimed at 270 degrees and 4) a rotatable Wellbrook loop. Trans-Atlantic propagation conditions were at their best on Tuesday night 10/16 and Saturday night 10/20, particularly around our local sunset.

Participants were Brett Saylor (W3SWL), Russ Edmunds (WB2BJH) , Mike Hunter (W2MHZ) , Kris Field, Ralph Brandi, Chuck Rippel (W8HU), Dave Hochfelder (N2HTA) , Steve Walko (K3PHL)( Sat only), Nick Langan  (W2NJL) ( Sat only ).