The annual LBI DXpedition fell victim to the 2020 pandemic, so we held a "virtual" DXpedition the weekend of Nov 5, 2020. Ralph Brandi graciously set up KiwiSDR receivers at his home near the New Jersey coast & attached them to antennas pointed toward Europe and Latin America. Brett Saylor also put a KiwiSDR online from his home in central Pennsylvania attached to a south-pointed BBL. Using our LBI Slack channel the virtual attendees we were able to share loggings from those (and other) recievers in real-time. Ralph recorded wide-band SDR files on Elad and Perseus receivers so, as with a "normal" DXpedition, we will have lots of files to go through in the coming months.

While the Slack chat experience was virtually identical to what we would have in "real-life" it was disappointing to not get together in person as we had done for the past two decades. On Friday evening attendees checked in via a Zoom video call to socialize and catch up on what we all had been doing through the pandemic.

Virtual attendees:
Bill Whitacre
Brett Saylor
Ralph Brandi
Don Moore
Jim Chenard
Russ Edmunds
Mike Hunter
Bill Nollman
Dave Hochfelder
Andy Robins
Kris Field
Chuck Rippel

We hope that, by the time LBI-20 rolls around in 2021, we will be able to assemble once again in-person.