The annual LBI DXpedition once again fell victim to the pandemic, so we held a "virtual" DXpedition from of November 3 thru November 6, 2021. Ralph Brandi graciously set up SDR receivers at his home near the New Jersey coast & attached them to antennas pointed toward Europe and Latin America. Owing to recent advice of possible security concerns by using Kiwi SDRs with home computer networks, we were not able to have members of our group review the DX in real time. Rather, Ralph, Brett Saylor and Russ Edmunds reviewed files Ralph provided after the fact.

We did have a kick-off Zoom gathering prior to the DX times, and although the experience was again similar to what we would have in "real-life" it was disappointing to not get together in person for the second year in succession as we had done for the past two decades.

DX conditions were rather poor during the event, with fewer overall loggings and fewer countries represented than in our more recent live DXpeditions. Further, technical issues with the South antenna made it less useful than the previous year.

Once again we are hopeful that we will be able to have a real DXpedition in 2022, although we will again have to find a new site as the house we have rented the past few years has been sold.