Frequency Time
Calls Slogan City State
or Prov
Country Details
530 1940   R. Vision Christiana South Caicos   Turks & Caicos Alone and huge on frequency with Spanish preacher thanking the town of Floral Park and rolling his "r's" dramatically
540 0010 XEWA   San Luis Potosi SLP Mexico SS talk, // 900
555 0108 ZIZ   Basseterre   St. Kitts Heavily-accented English local events announcements
570 2010   R. Reloj Santa Clara   CUBA SS talk, Radio Reloj 'RR' code IDStrong time pips and talk under WMCA
580 2230   R. Rebelde Guantanamo   CUBA //600; chimes at bottom of the hour
600 2230   R. Rebelde     CUBA //580; chimes at bottom of the hour
660 2132   R. C. Habana Habana   CUBA Music program, R. C. Habana ID
660 1922   R. Progreso Santa Clara   CUBA Good with woman talking and a capella singing // 890
680 2022   R. Rebelde Ciego de Avila   CUBA SS Talk, Radio Rebelde voice ID
680 2343 UNID         Spanish, music segues, annct "El Todo Musica"
690 0025 XEMA La Madre de Todos Fresnillo ZAC Mexico Huge signal with man giving "XEMA" calls, mention of "poder" and accordion music.
700 1805+   RJR Kingston   Jamaica Heavily-accented English, apparently reading a listing of funerals and burials
710 0016   R. Rebelde     CUBA R. Rebelde 9-note chimes heard // 580, 600
720 1815   RJR Montego Bay   Jamaica Fair signal with man reading obituaries, parallel 700. Slightly low on frequency. Much stronger later in the night.
730 2200 HJCU Cadena Melodia Bogota   Colombia Music, ID
740 2024   R. Progreso Camaguay   CUBA SS Talk, R. Progreso ID
760 2110   R. Reloj Caney de las Mercedes   CUBA "RR" in Morse
783 2136   R. Mauretanie Nouakchott   Mauretania Spanish talk, abrupt break then chanting. Clearly // 4845
800 2000 TWR   Bonaire   Bonaire Weird French-like language earlier in evening then shifting to Spanish. Radio Transmundial ID at TOH
810 1910 ZNS3   Freeport   Bahamas Slightly-accented ad for air fare to Cuba starting at $199. // 1540
840 1905 4VEH R. 4VEH Cap Haitien   Haiti Very good with very Latin-sounding trumpet music and very French talk between songs.
860 1952 HOL55 R. Reforma Chitre   Panama Possibly the highlight of the night. Dominating the frequency with man talking fast, listing many names,rolling his 'R's', and repeatedly mentioning "R. Reforma". Regretted tuning away from this to look for other stations - it was so much fun to hear.
890 12922   R. Progreso Santiago   CUBA Same music as 660 but monster signal, completely alone
900 0012 XEW   Mexico DF Mexico Clear " R. Doble U " mention; network echo presumed XEWB
900 1923   R. Progreso     CUBA Same as on 890, fair signal
940 2029   R. Reloj     CUBA SS talk, Radio Reloj 'RR' code ID
950 2155   R. Reloj Habana   CUBA SS talk, Radio Reloj 'RR' code ID
960 2027 HJ.. RCN     Colombia Music program, // 1000, 980
960 2203   R. Reloj     CUBA SS talk, Radio Reloj 'RR' code ID
980 2025 HJES RCN Cali   Colombia Distinctive music program with concertinas, // 1000, 960
1000 1950 HJAQ RCN Cartagena   Colombia Slow talk by man, mention of "RCN", another LA under
1020 2200 YVTW R. Alegria Chivacoa   Venezuela In mush with long song-type jingle with many R. Alegria mentions
1050 2310 XEG   Monterrey NL Mexico Talk, ID
1060 0100 XEEP R. Educacion Mexico DF Mexico Jazz music, mostly segued, ID as R. Educacion
1080 1900   R. C. Habana Habana   CUBA Big signal, Good ID but lousy audio - drama program
1080 1900 YVQJ R. Barcelona Barcelona   Venezuela Under Cuba and in partial phase null of WTIC - with weak audio but clear "R. Barcelona" ID and much talk
1169.7+/- 1945         CUBA Spanish talk, low het
1180 1755   R. Rebelde     CUBA Very strong with R. Rebelde program and distinctive 9-note theme
1210 2322   R. Sancti Spiritus Sancti Spiritus   CUBA Break in flute music, woman talking mentioning "Sancti Spiritus" - good signal under WPHT
1540 1942 ZNS1   Nassau   Bahamas Monster signal with loud echo-produced preacher. Parallel to 810
550 2339 WDUN   Gainesville GA   ESPN Network & local ID
560 2015 WQAM   Miami FL   U of Miami Basketball, network and local ID
580 2332 WBIL   Tuskegee AL   Rhythm/Dance/Soul format, amateur DJ's, many segued songs, "Saturday Nights are Hot" slogan, "Renegade Disco" slogan, finally an ID
580 2334 WGAC   Augusta GA   News, "Newstalk 580 WGAC"
600 2231 WBWL   Jacksonville FL   Sporting News Radio, "The Ball" slogan
600 2230 WSJS   Winston-Salem NC   Mixing with Cuba and WICC with calls and "Newstalk" slogan
610 2017 WIOD   Miami FL   Sports scores, talk, ID
680 2348 WCNN   Atlanta GA   Sports, GA ads
690 1750 WTIX   New Orleans LA   Beautiful signal with spot for Tulane FB and Louisiana-accented "WTIX New Orleans" ID
720 1730 WGCR   Pisgah Forest NC   Full sign off announcement mentioning Anchor Baptist Church and ending with National Anthem
720 1735 WGSE   Hogansville GA   Local ad, ID: "NewsRadio 720, WGSE"
730 1725 WSCC   Charleston SC   Local ads, "WSC News"
730 2238 WLIL   Lenoir City TN   Good, call ID
740 1810 WQTM   Orlando FL   Sports scores, commentary, ID
760 1745 WLCC   Brandon FL   Spanish music, brief call ID in English
780 1715 WWOL   Forest City NC   Full s/off announcement
780 1722 WCKB   Dunn NC   Local ads, promo, ID, then abruptly disappeared
790 2220 WQXI   Atlanta GA   Good with Atlanta Thrashers ad and "WQXI The Zone" ID.
790 2054 WTSK   Tuscaloosa AL   Good with funky song, clear "WTSK-790" ID, then DJ named Karen Clark in the "Praise Party". Hip hop Gospel.
800 1710 WPLK   Palatka FL   With NC State vs. Florida State FB. ID for WPLK and mention of FSU network, ad for business in Tallahassee.
830 1740 WTRU   Kernersville NC   Local events calendar, ad
850 1835 WTAR   Norfolk VA   Sports and ID
850 1728 WDJC   Birmingham AL   Huge signal with solid ID
910 2205 WFVR   Valdosta GA   Florida Travellers Info Radio - many Disney promos
930 2058 WFXJ   Jacksonville FL   Fox Sports Net program promo, local ad
940 2032 WMAC   Macon GA   Carrying Elon vs. Mercer college basketball, ad for Medical Center of Central GA, ID
990 2208 WDYZ   Orlando FL   Radio Disney
990 2208 UNID         Sporting News Radio talk pgm
1010 2028 CFRB   Toronto ON   Under WINS with news // 6070. An oddity on an otherwise auroral night
1040 2040 WSGHp   Lewisville NC   Presumed this was the very loud station carrying "Que Pasa" show and giving "La Raza" ID's
1060 2007 WIXC   Titusville FL   Sports, local ads for Melbourne & Orlando, ID
1070 2052 WKII   Solana FL   Nostaligia music, ID
1160 1910 WYRU   Red Springs NC   Good in phase null of semi-local WOBM with full ID by man and gospel music - 250 watts at this time.
1160 2140 WAMB   Donelson TN   Weak in phase null of WOBM with local weather and clear ID
1220 2300 WFWL   Camden TN   C&W music. ABC news, mentions of Nashville and area code 615
1260 2322 WSUAt   Miami FL   Spanish talk, mention of Miami
1520 2221 UNID         Country/Gospel format; very 'down-home' sounding
1520 2043 KRHW   Sikeston MO   Great with "…weekdays at 11:20 on 15-20 KRHW". They stayed on and audible through midnight.
1610 0112 WPIR381   Pleasantville NJ   TIS - continuous loop announcements - A. C. Chamber of Commerce
1620 0114 WPTU717   Ocean City NJ   TIS - continuous loop announcements - Ocean City Police Dept.
1630 0120 KNAA585   Jamaica NY   TIS - JFK Airport - continuous tape loop
1630 1635 WRDW   Augusta GA   Good with sports program and ad for Testosterol. Mixing with TIS from JFK airport in NYC. Wicked high-band local static picked up on antennas, was nullable with phaser.
1640 0116 WPVN442   Brigantine NJ   TIS - continuous loop announcements - City of Brigantine
1700 1922 KNAA585   Jamaica NY   TIS - JFK Airport - continuous tape loop, special holiday travel info